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Yeah, I have been missing in action. No doubt about it. But it’s all for a very good reason – Sock Summit preparations were all-consuming but are now done and none too soon! Boxes full to the brim with Plucky goodness are whisking their way to Portland right this minute and will be landing in booth #406 – if you are in the area, please stop in and say hello!

I saved a few fun things to share with all of you that might not be able to make it to Portland….. which means it’s high time for a shop update. Tomorrow, Thursday, July 21st at 6:00 p.m. Eastern to be exact. Thursday’s update will feature some fantastically fun ‘one hit wonders’, a few new repeatables (Oz, Fat Fish Blue, Elmer T, Doodlebug and more), some one-of-a-kind paulie kits as well as repeatable pre-orders in various bases (Silk Merino Lite, Silk Merino Fingering, MCN Lite, Merino Singly Ply Fingering, Primo fingering and worsted to name a few) that will ship the week of August 8th.

Please note: Instead of a sneak-update, the update will go live all at once. Oh, and because it’s hot outside and because I want to, there will be free shipping on everything. Enjoy!

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