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Introducing the Winter QPP!




Good morning friends!

As promised… the Winter QPP!

Solstice: is an icy aqua blue. Lighter than Fondant, more saturated than Fancy Free. Brilliant in all the aqua/tealy blue graidents you can imagine! Aqua lovers rejoice!

Polar Dip: Bright, frosty cornflower blue. Lighter in saturation than Icey Audrey and more blue leaning and for all you Sister’s (colorway) lovers and Frostbitten lovers (again, really old colorway!) this might just appeal to you!

Hibernation: Deep, dark black leaning brown with undertones of burgundy and charcoal. Warmer than Morticia. Morticia = Black. Scalloway = Black/Summy. Hibernation = Warm black/brown/black.

Nippy: Cool, icy pink perfection! Delicate, yet bright and fun. How’s that for two sides of the same coin?! Cooler and slightly brighter than Some Pig, less saturated than Lawn Ornament.

Parka: Peachy pink with undertones of coral. Brighter and cooler than Bellini, slightly warmer than Cecelia. And just too cute.

Old Man Winter: Soft gray with that pairs gorgeously with Twill. Cooler than Ruffled Feathers, warmer than Wintry Mix.

Getaway: Sunny, buttery yellow. Cooler than Build Me Up, more delicate than Bee in My Bonnet. Slightly less bright than Spelling Bee. Dreaming of warm sunny days ahead….

Frost Fair: Light, minty wintergreen. Leans greener than Enchantment and totally and completely wonderful paired with Modern Vintage – you know, gradient style!

Hope you love these as much as we do and you can be sure we will back yet today with all the update details!

Hugs to you all.


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