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I Thought I Smelled Something Funny ~

etsy-listings-017.JPG  Taken just after I put out the flames (because I thought the Mr. Plucky would frown upon me looking for my camera prior to putting out the fire). FYI~ Latex gloves and plastic pitcher cover on top of ceramic spoon rest = very flammable.

 Yes, those are Mt. Palomar Oberservatorysalt n pepper shakers. I have my yarn, he has his astro, space geek  stuff. Boy, I really liked that spoon rest too.

And no, my stove is not usually this messy…. that is soot you see. It seems I turned the wrong burner on, walked away (ok, got distracted by some yarn) and then there was the smell, closely followed by the billowing smoke coming from the kitchen, then the flames. Oh. The. Flames. Not sure, but I may need to pick out a new color to paint my kitchen.

charade-w-wonky-toe.jpg  A finished Charade sock. There has been a bit of knitting here, not much, but enough to finish my sock and start a hat for Plucky girl…she has been waiting very patiently.

Extreme Makeover  – TPK edition:

tpk-makeover.jpg           bt-lamp-2.jpg  Lighting sale at Pier 1  and Boston Terrier picture from here.

Well, not that extreme, but new lighting and a bit of organization. Stacey has the best lighting. Granted, mine isn’t even remotely as kicky as hers, but I am still embarrassingly excited about  the new  teal drum lamp and olive lamp.

Thanks for all your nice comments about the recent update. Have more to add, so check back often – I got really dye crazy. So this next batch that will be posted is really fun.

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