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I feel so, I don’t know, responsible….

and like an official, grown-up knitter. Just knit my very first swatch (ahem, we will not mention the knitting of the BSA Cropped Caridgan last year  – suffice it to say it  was a painful experience and I did not swatch. Lesson learned.).

Even blocked  the swatch  too. Now if I could just figure out how to read it. As near as I can tell I am getting 22 sts per 4″ (pre-blocking it was 23″ish) which is just what the pattern calls for. Row gauge, I have no idea – I thinkI’m a little over on the row gauge.

So, next question…. I fall between the small and medium size (and the sweater looks to have a bit of ease) so what size to knit? Cast on for small and then add a couple extra increases for the bust? Cast on for medium and hope for the best? Really, I think I may have to sleep on it. Big decision.   I would happily welcome any and all advice.


Malabrigo Worsted Graphite Blue (one of their new solid colorways)

Proof positive – T.H.E. Swatch.

I want to – no, I must, knit Flair. Yes, I’ve mentioned it before, but this time I am dead serious. Thus the swatching. Thus the purchase of 6 skeins of Malabrigo (don’t actually need all 6 skeins for the sweater – just wanted to be sure I had some left over to knit something else out of this yarn – in my humble opinion – the very best blue ever).

And, how cute is this? Jenn (aspinningjenny…..crafty scientist and knitter extraordinaire who works with Plucky hubby) was so kind as to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket out of a skein of the merino fingering weight as a test knit for me. Thank you so much Jenn,  it couldn’t be any cuter! Now, must find the perfect buttons.

Two posts in one day – crazy isn’t it? I’m just so thrilled with the whole swatching business and the adorable jacket – couldn’t help myself!

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