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Housekeeping & Update News~

A commonly asked question – When will/has my order shipped?

If your order was a pre-order, please check the date of your paypal receipt and then please allow approximately 14 to 21 business days for your yarn to be dyed, processed and leave the Plucky studio. If, after a suitable amount of time has passed for your package to arrive at your location (to our international friends – it is not uncommon for a package to take at least 4-6 weeks to arrive) it has not arrived, please contact me at thepluckyknitter@gmail.com to inquire about your order.

Never fear – we will always, always make sure you get your yarn. Whatever your yarny wishes may be, we are in the business of granting them to the very best of our ability.

In the past I have often posted a date during which your order from said update will ship. It is becoming increasingly more administratively difficult to do so. To keep up with all the emails that I receive on a daily basis for just this instance (not to mention all the other inquiries), well, I think it will help clear things up if the verbiage is now standard.

Soft Focus – a blanket kit

We work very hard to get your yarn to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. But, please remember, this is not an automated process. Everything from the handdyeing to the hand packing/shipping, emailing…. it is all done by hand (and by a very very few hands). No barcodes or automated machinery here ; )

I love what I do. I am beyond grateful every single day. It has been and continues to be my goal to keep Plucky small and personal (remember this post?) and this is just one more way to streamline some of the things that can be streamlined and not affect the way Plucky is dyed and run.

I want to be online and chat with you. I want to dye yarn and source new and exciting bases. I love pairing yarn and colors with patterns. And, I do really love to knit. So, just another tweak so that we can keep things running smoothly and more efficiently and buy out time to make more yarn – which is a very good thing!

Speaking of more yarn – it’s time for an update in the Plucky shop this Sunday, June 24th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. All the new colors will be available as well as a few new colorwork kits. Thanks so very much and we’ll hope to see you Sunday night at 9:00!

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