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Hey Hey It’s Monday~

Rayures #2
Rayures. It must be a great knit, I’ve made two!

Hello there & a great big happy Monday to you~

I hope the weekend was a good to you and that much good food, good times and good knitting was had by one and all.

Not to bore you with the details, but, well here goes the boring details:

I don’t have to tell you just how hot (dangerously so) it has been – pretty much everywhere. When your business is, by its very nature, something that produces heat you need to rethink how things are done and change things up a bit until it passes. Because the next couple days are set to be the coolest of the week (and coolest we’ve seen in quite sometime) we are dyeing and I mean dyeing like mad. Very early and very long days so that we do not have to dye later this week when temps are upwards of 95 or more (weather report as of last night – things change).


So, long story short, I’m sorry, but there will not be an update today due to weather. How funny does that sound?! Gotta make hay (I mean yarn) while the sun shines and doesn’t kill you wink wink because last week…. well it got ugly. Very very ugly.

The update will be this Thursday at Noon Eastern. We are in Stiches Midwest Prep, getting out the last of your pre-orders (which will ship Friday this week and Monday next week – all well within the 14-21 business days…. YAY!) and, well, it takes a bit of time to put an update together and right now I think you really want us dyeing. Can’t very well not get you your yarn now can we? Thank you for your understanding.

I hope you know, we are here and ready to help and, as always, we will make sure you get your yarn!

Oh, and one other exciting bit of news…. SPORT, TRAVELER & PLUCKY SWEATER all arrive in the studio this week. Seriously exciting times!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Hope you can join us!

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