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Happy Glamping At Home/Plucktovember!



Happy Glamping At Home/Plucktovember! We know you have been waiting for the virtual party celebrating all things Plucky and we are so thankful you’ve come by to join us. We are excited to spend some time knitting and conversing with you as we make our way through Field Trip and really digging our heels into fall (are we really in the last quarter of 2016?!).

While the structure of Glamping At Home/Plucktovember has a bit of a different look and feel this year, we are nonetheless ready to have a great time with all of you! This year will have a simpler approach in years past, the dates are a little different, but thank you for understanding that pulling off events back-to-back (even online!) require time and energy. And, we’re human. We need time to recharge our batteries, too!

So, without further ado, and if you haven’t hopped in the Kickoff KAL already, we hope you’ll join us! We loved Glamping and are ready to continue the festivities we started off at Islandwood with you all at home and to see us through Plucktovember!


• Kickoff KAL – PersephonePersephone ThrowOnward & Upward (if you participated in this KAL, you automatically qualify for the two other KAL’s featuring these patterns)

• For the Home – Hidden Falls Blanket, Oh Deer, OxbowPersephone Throw

• Sweaters – Weekender, Two TrackRendezvous PeakDay TripExpedition

• Accessories – Field Guide Hat & MittsLoose LeafOnward & Upward, Scout, AlpenglowField GuideHidden FallsPersephone

• Wild Card – Anything & everything goes, just so long as it’s done in Plucky!

General chatter regarding GAH/Plucktovember will go one in the Official Glamping At Home with Plucky 2016 thread

• Anyone may participate in any KAL.
• You may participate in more than one KAL.
• To be eligible for final prizes, you must post a completed project page here on Ravelry and use the official hashtag, “glampingathome2016” on your project page.

Prizes throughout the Glamping At Home/Plucktovember Event:
• Post progress photos of your knit in the respective thread for one winner per KAL, chosen at random, on Monday’s during the event: Monday, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7
• Prizes will be determined by Plucky HQ and will be surprises, but we promise they will be fun! Think Plucky Shooters, mugs, Field Trip pattern kits and much more!
• We love to see your WIP’s! Let us know how you make a pattern unique to you, how it’s fitting, and get encouragement from your fellow KAL participants!

Wrap-Up Prizes:
• November 15th is the wrap-up date with final prizes to be drawn from completed projects noted in Ravelry.
• One final prize, drawn at Random, for each of the (5) KAL’s – a SQ (max 8 sks) yarn & Plucky t-shirt/sweatshirt
• There will be a “Glamping At Home/Plucktovember Grand Prize – No Chat” thread. This thread is where individuals who complete three or more projects in three or more KAL’s will be able to enter for a Grand Prize. To enter, create one post in this thread showing your three or more completed projects and list corresponding KALs. Two Grand Prize winners will be selected and they will win a SQ (max 8 sks) a Plucky t-shirt/sweatshirt AND an official Glamper swag bag with all the goodies!

Additional Notes:

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