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Good Morning!

my Netflix binge this weekend

Good morning!

Does anyone else feel like December (2018 for that matter!) has already gotten away from us?! Well, let me tell you this week is going to be one for the books! As you may have heard us mention a time or two already, 2019 is going to be full of new things, new places, new bases, new colorways, subscription offerings, and pattern capsules.

Therefore, in our continuing effort to be ready to put a fresh face on the new year we not only have a surprise update on Wednesday that will be giving you a glimpse into some 2019 offerings, we are also going to be closing out the 2018 gradient collections, the past Club (lumberjack, etc.) offerings and we will be rolling thru the bases in the Reserve! With that in mind, if you see something you love, don’t be shy, again, not all of these offerings will be back in 2019!

And please note there that if your reserve purchase is for a sweater quality and the skeins are not well matched, we will reach out prior to shipping (often even with photos!) to confirm if they will still work for your intended project.  Also, orders placed after 12:00 pm EST on Friday, December 21st, will not be shipping until we return to the barn on January 2nd.

Question: What bases might you like to see in reserve now?!?!?

Be back in a bit, I have some fun pictures to take and share with you guys!



Beau you look so great in stripes!

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