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Galimordor Shawl – A Trelly Hernandez and Plucky Knitter Exclusive!



The Galimordor Shawl…
It’s no secret that we are big fans of Trelly, and her latest design is a shining example of why we love to knit and wear her creations; introducing the Galimordor Shawl!



This ultra-cozy wrap/shawl is just what the Dr. ordered to get us through these deep winter months and just between us…knitting just doesn’t get any better than this!  Knit in your favorite Worsted/Aran weight yarn, with squishy garter sections, cabled center, and decorative edging, it’s all in the details with this one.  Hayley and I have put together a palette of colors that will make your Galimordor shine, including three brand new Small Batch colorways!


Current Bases Offered:
• Cachet
• Groovy
• Primo Aran
• Scholar*
• Scholar 2.0
• Snug Worsted
• Traveler Aran*
We are also thrilled to announce something new for 2017…a Plucky color of the month!!  Every month starting in January, there will be a colorway of the month.  This colorway will be available at every Blog update during the month AND will be on sale (17% off!) all month long.  Cold As Ice is January’s color, and it makes a fabulous Galimordor; we are completely taken with ours on Primo Aran!




How’s this for even more exciting news?!  Traveler Aran will be on sale for $19/skein!  Traveler Aran is being discontinued and will be on sale while supplies last.  We know Traveler Aran has its fans and that this could seem like some sad news, but, trust us…we have some fabulous new things coming down the pipeline this year!

Please join us Sunday, January 8th at 8:00 pm EST, and again, Monday, January 9th at 9:00 am EST on the blog to get your Galimordor kit! You may view the base options and pricing via this link!

As always, we would love to hear any colorway wishes you may have over in the Wishlist thread in our Ravelry group. We will be granting as many wishes as we can!






  1. If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  You might also want to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. *The colorways of Baby Boom, Cold As Ice, Small Batch 21, and Twill are not available on the original Scholar base or Traveler Aran.
  3. This is a pre-order update with a quick turn around and will start shipping on January 18th.
  4. Since this will be a quick turnaround, we will not be able to accommodate changes to orders once they have been placed. This includes cancellation of orders, additions, change to bases, colors or quantities, or address/shipping changes!  Please keep this in mind before you check-out via PayPal!
  5. We welcome you to join us in our Ravelry group, as we chat about the update and what to cast on next!
  6. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky Knitter app (link below), it is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together for you.


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Apple Users GET IT here.   |    Android Users GET IT here.

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