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Finally – Primo Worsted.

Don't forget the Dark & Stormy

You’ve all been waiting patiently (I, however, have not) for Primo Worsted to arrive. It makes me extremely happy to inform you that it has finally graced us with its presence and will be featured very prominently in this Sunday’s update. Sunday, January 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Eastern to be exact.

There will be buckets of fun colorways all dyed up and ready to go, not to mention pre-orders for additional sweater quantities will also be available. And, you can be sure there will plenty of other goodies to be had. Primo fingering, merino sw fingering, cashmere and so much more!

As per usual, the bulk of the update will go live at that time with other items possibly popping in through the rest of the afternoon. You can be sure I’ll be online keeping you all posted as to the goings on. Don’t forget to check out the Flickr photostream for a preview of what will be available during the update. There are a few pictures available for your yarn-y viewing pleasure (and more to be added through the weekend).

In other, somewhat disturbing news, I apparently am suffering from a major case of ‘I have no idea what to cast on next-itis’ – don’t you hate it when that happens?!? Maybe another hat? Hat’s always seem to do the trick.

Happy Friday everyone!

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