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Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation


The reception we received in New York was beyond our wildest imaginings and even the polar vortex we came home to has not dulled the glow. Our hearts are overflowing…but dare we say, our brains are a bit numb!  So we hoped we could enlist you guys to help us plan this next update. We want to know what you would like to see! What bases, what colorways and dare we say, is there a mystery kit option you can’t live without?! We know we want to include the Boogie Woogie Wrap, maybe Cashmere Sport and we are thinking Monday and Tuesday for the update. But beyond that, we need your help!

Please use the WishList thread in our Ravelry group to let us know what you would like to see. It is, after all, because of you that we do what we do! We will be sending out an announcement on Saturday to get the ball rolling and as long as Seth will let us add to the dye list, we will! 

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