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Crazy Eights – The Winners!

Our game of Crazy Eights has been so much fun!  It has also been a great way for us to hear what floats your boat. Oh the things we have learned! We had over 800 responses and many of them carried multiple color votes.  As we have been tabulating the entries, let me just say that we were always happy to come upon any list of multiple colors that was in alphabetical order!

Now, a word about the colors that made the top eight. We did use our dyer’s prerogative to be sure that our eight colors all played well together. So what ended up happening is we have a Scummy/Muted Team and a Brights Team. It just seemed logical to have two teams made up of four players each. You know all games need a referee, so I took the two top neutral colors and made them the umpires!

Without further ado, here are your teams!

Crazy Eights Brights

Crazy Eights muted scum
and the two neutrals!

Crazy Eights Neutrals

Bases – now this was a REAL tough one. Because we are trying something new and want to include as many as possible for as long as possible I have chosen the bases as follows:

Bello Worsted
Traveler Aran (due to recent changes in how we handle TA, I am particularly happy with how Tuscadero, Bohemian, Jazz Hands, Wintry Mix, Morticia, Chocolate Crinkle and Ogre will play on TA!)
Bello Fingering
Traveler Sport


DATE & TIME: Tomorrow, Saturday, August 30th at NOON, Eastern (get it, 8th month of the year!) and will run for eight hours or until inventory and production time that we have set aside for this has been exhausted.

WHERE:  Here on the Plucky blog


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