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Crazy Eights!

crazy eights

I have a plan for something super crazy and fun for our next update.

I’m still working out the details, BUT….I could use some help in picking the colors. All I am going to reveal at the moment is that I want you all to help us choose EIGHT colors for a Crazy EIGHTS Sale.

What is your dream color? Please head on over and use the brand new CRAZY EIGHTS thread and cast your vote. On Friday afternoon Hayley and I will tabulate the votes and come up with the EIGHT winning colors. I would have set up a poll, but then I would be choosing the colorways to pick from (not that Hayley and I won’t add our two cents, you can be sure we will!).

So, use your best powers of persuasion to gather votes for your favorite. Earburn your mother/sister/daughter/son/neighbor/babysitter/boss/DH, whom ever you can convince them to vote for YOUR favorite.

The update will be at NOON on Saturday 8/30 (get it, 8th month of the year!) and run for eight hours or until inventory and production time that we have set aside for this is exhausted.

Won’t you join us for a game of Crazy Eights!

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