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November has a character all its own. The leaves falling at a rapid clip and the unmistakably earthy scent that is late autumn. The nostalgia that it brings, I can’t quite put into words. It’s easy to enjoy the smell of a burning fire and watching children (or those child at heart) rake up a pile of leaves shortly before cheerfully jumping in, with pups, of course. We revel in the chill of the air and broody skies until we are enticed by the warm comforts that await us indoors.

Lately (honestly, always this time of year) I find myself wrapped up in one (or several) of my handknits as I curl up on the sofa, pups at my side, a warm drink and, of course, knitting in hand. Not much can compare to the feeling – it inspires within me the desire to knit and create something of comfort, coziness and beauty that aspires to capture those special characteristics of everything Fall.


Sweater pattern, Watson Corners. Knit in Oxford & Cashmere (held together) both in colors Wintry Mix.

Hat pattern, Quadri. Knit with Cormo in color Like, Toad-ally.




We have a special update for you coming soon….


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