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Contest Winners!


Seven was a very good year!

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories of their seventh summer. The over whelming theme of all the submissions is most definitely “family”. You shared stories of visits with grandparents, arrival of siblings, making lifelong friends, and many many adventures. And there were some stories of pain and change. But, every memory was special. I learned that we have smugglers in our midst and people who bathe sheep in their family bathroom. Lots of you went to camp and many remember a boat load of cousins. One of us even remembers Jerry Garcia’s boat, up close! Special thanks for any photos that were shared and for taking the time to provide tons of links to super fun stuff.

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact us at  Pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with ‘My 7th Summer’ in the subject line. We want to get your prizes to you! Our grand prize is my personal basket of swatching yarn, a PK Collection clutch and primo fingering to make an accessory.

The other winners will each be invited to select two skeins of any of the Plucky bases! Just tell us your favorite color(s) and we will select something lovely for you. Seven winners, one for each of our previous years and seven more just to be extra festive!

We are all joining in sending out a huge thank you for all the good wishes you have sent to our crew. It is a pleasure and a privilege to do what we do and we will continue to do our very best for you each and every day.

With great affection,

My seventh summer winners:

Our grand prize goes to….

  1. Blog at 1:57 – Juanita – worked as a field hand

Other winners (in no particular order)!

  1. Post 193 kari1276 – Banana boat and Jerry Garcia
  2. Post 82 Ironjohn – electric burns
  3. Post 175 Tinkingbell – dog saves snorkler
  4. Post 89 Ellielily – contraband smuggler
  5. Post 101 momaja – built a cabin
  6. Post 3 Livvyknits – rode the bus
  7. Post33 Twistedstitcher52 – got adopted
  8. Blog at 4:23– Eva Fisher – frog paradise
  9. Post 223 jarmeblue – cat lover quilt
  10. Post 219 MyMerinoMantra – extra credit for the links!
  11. Post 66 Theirmama4sure – lived in a maxi van.
  12. Post 166 Fascine – dipping sheep in family bathtub
  13. Post 2 Ashore – Lifeguard. Extra points for posting a photo of the lifeguard!

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