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Change is afoot~

Good morning Plucky pals – both new & old!

As I’ve said before (and it totally bears repeating), the heart and soul of Plucky is you – our wonderful, caring, funny and oh so talented customers and knitty friends who share our passion for hand-dyed yarns in unique colors (on the best custom milled bases I can find!), that steal our imaginations and spark our creativity. I feel truly blessed to be able to serve so many of you and to see what you create. You have no idea what joy I get from sharing our work and creations with you and hearing your positive feedback.

However, from time to time we do get complaints about availability, which I welcome (after all, we always want to improve) though I have to say, also trouble me greatly because Plucky is all about pleasing our customers.

To address those occasional complaints and confusion, allow me for a moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are today.

When I first began dyeing yarn in my tiny cottage I never would have imagined five years later it would have become my full time job. Plucky has grown from a single person–me!–to a small group of family members (and friends who are truly family – literally I’ve known them about as long as I’ve know my own sister) who work with me to get your yarn to you.

While the Plucky team has increased slightly in number, all Plucky yarns are still created by Hayley (my sweet and just as nutty sister who totally gets my passion and, dare I say it, crazy) and Tiffany (dear cousin and raiser of sheep… stay tuned) and, of course, Ryan, who tells us what to do and when to do it and me. We all work very hard to hand dye your yarn in just the right shade(s), and we continue to take great joy in sharing it with our customers – many of whom have become dear friends.

While production is increasing a bit you still will not be able find it in stores all over the country (just a few carefully chosen stores) or available 24/7 on the internet because Plucky can only be produced through a personal, passionate, handmade process. That is just how I feel it needs to be done.

Please know that all of my business decisions are made with you in mind and I am constantly working with my team (ok, my family and a few special friends who, for better or worse, have to stick with me) to find new and better ways to serve you and get yarn to you more easily and often. After all, as I mentioned earlier, the heart and soul of Plucky is you, our wonderful customers.

On another very positive note, there are several exciting things on the horizon for 2013, the most exciting of which is a new studio!! Do you know what that means?! We will be even more productive and not so at the mercy of mother nature as we have been (-9 degrees in January and 108 in July. Oy….).

I have also made changes in the administration and organization of customer service inquiries and emails as well as the shipping and tagging of the yarn. We also will be re-vamping our website. All of this will help me focus on what I love—dyeing, dreaming up colors, bases, kits and working with designers and, of course, chatting and knitting along with you lovelies online!

So, after all that rambling – really the one thing I want you to know is:

My priority has always been, and will continue to be, my online customers. It is where I started and where my focus will remain. This community we have created is so special and I feel very strongly that we keep it open, warm and welcoming.

Please know how much I appreciate you. I do not your take interest and enthusiasm for granted nor will I ever. It is never lost on me that you have many options where you could spend your hard earned money and precious time, and I am so honored that you choose Plucky.

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