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Can We Talk A Little About Small Batch?!

Meet our newest Small Batch…



Can we talk a little bit about Small Batch?!

We decided on the name ‘Small Batch’ because it was the perfect description of how these skeins of art come about. They are done in very small batches with each and every skein having the various colors applied one at a time. It’s a time-consuming and labor intensive process but one that we’ve come to love! It allows us to bring you our art in every skein, making for fun and truly unique projects!

Something we ask you to please bear in mind (and this is true for hand-dyed yarn aside from Small Batch) is that no one skein will be exactly like another. As an example, one skein of Small Batch may have more green speckles or be more saturated with all of the colors comprising that particular Small Batch colorway, while another from the same ‘batch’ may have less saturation, be more speckled or have more blue than the one that was created directly beside it. Again, it’s just the nature of hand-dyed, artisan yarn and each skein is truly unique.

What you may see in a glamour shot or a project pic of a Small Batch may be very close to what you receive or it may be very different in its placement of colors on the skein. These differences are not quality issues. True Small Batch, or hand-dyed yarn, is inherently unique to each skein and it would be next to impossible to replicate every speckle of each colorway represented in a skein of Small Batch. Often times, skeins that appear significantly different from one another in the skein, may look more matched once they are wound (happens to me all the time) and the opposite may also be true.

Please know that if you order more than one skein of the same Small Batch colorway, on the same base, we always do our best to provide you the closest matches possible, just as we do with multiples of our traditional colorways. We simply ask that you keep in mind the unique characteristics that make Small Batch what it is and know that each skein is one-of-a-kind!

You are unique, your knits are one of a kind and so is your small batch!

Thank you so much!

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