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Buttons, Booties & Baby Socks Too ~

Meadow  made the Baby Ribs socks –  made with the 100% merino superwash fingering weight yarn.  Thank you so much Meadow, they are just perfect!  

And then Amanda  decided to surprise me and knit these.


100% Merino sportweight – superwash

She even saved the fun part for me and sent them without the buttons – which is great as I have three big jars of vintage buttons that I purchased off eBay last year that are just begging to be used. So when these showed up in the mail today, I immediately dumped my buttons out and just happend to have four of those little beauties. Couldn’t be more perfect if we planned it that way.

These booties are so darling – I am thrilled that Jodi is knitting some for me to. Different color  + yarn = completely different look.

Etsy update tomorrow.

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