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Bombay Sapphire – Sweater Kits

sleeve detail closeup

All sweater photos courtesy Caro Sheridan, Splityarn, 2012

Thea and I have been at it again – it’s time for a Bombay!

Bombay is a classic pullover, a soothing knit with a few details to keep it interesting. The pattern around the collar creates a subtle Peter Pan effect at the top of the sweater, and adds a bit of texture to the neckline.

Smaller “waves” around the wrists echo the collar and add a little something to the three – quarter sleeves. The fit is classic and feminine, with shaping at the waist and a button notch in the ribbing for a pop of contrasting or coordinating color, whatever floats your boat.

hero 3076

Knit from the top down, it’s very easy to modify Bombay for length or sleeve choice.  Changing the width or shaping to flatter any figure is easy.  The sweater itself is sure to go with any wardrobe, and you can either keep it fun with a bright color like Thea did, or pick a favorite neutral for a knit that could easily become a year round staple.
There will be an update this Sunday, September 30th at 5pm Eastern right here on the Plucky BLOG.  Not only will Bleu be available but many other colors as well. We are putting together a great array of options available in both Primo Worsted and Plucky Sweater. Note that both these yarns are a light worsted weight, which is just a bit more delicate than a regular worsted.
Thanks so much and we hope to see you on Sunday!

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