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April Is For Aqua!

April Aqua All

It’s always a good day when we can multi-task. You know how it works. Pushing the grocery cart and texting. Or getting your hair done, a mani & a pedi … at the same time (a gal can dream!). This update (this Sunday, April 13th at 8:00 pm Eastern here on the Plucky Blog), I thought it would be fun to put one color family in the spotlight and build gradient possibilities – at the same time!

So I pulled all the Plucky aquas from our list of repeatables and have placed them into one eye popping (for the aqua lovers) line up. In addition to picking up the color(s) that speak to your love for all things aqua, this will give you the opportunity to build your own gradient with the exact number of skeins you want. For some of us, three shades of aqua will be the perfect fit for a project we have in mind. But there are others who would may not want to stop at three and have ideas for a more graduated gradient, needing at least five shades. And, just for good measure, I have carefully selected a few neutrals that work beautifully with our April Aquas. Jack of All Trades, of course, and so many others. So, here is your roadmap – where will it take you?


Please note that while the update on Sunday will feature the Plucky aqua’s, that won’t be all! Here’s a list of all the colorways and bases available.




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