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Anniversary Pre Announcement





If you have been in the Plucky family for more than a year, you know that Hayley and I like to celebrate and go a little nuttier than usual when the Plucky anniversary comes around every June.

Next month will mark our 9th year! Crazy how time flies when you are having fun, right?

If you are new to Plucky, first – the warmest of Welcomes to you! We are so happy you are here! We hope you like how we celebrate. And, for you, our longtime Plucky friends and family, you can expect the same big celebratory fun as in years past (and perhaps a few more fun things up our sleeves!).

I’m not going to reveal too much today, but one thing we always do is offer a ginormous update that is sure to allow every Plucky customer a chance at what they wish for, regardless of time zone. But, because it’s our anniversary, we take it up a couple notches and also offer FREE SHIPPING, worldwide. We haven’t yet set the official date for this June update(s!), but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

Stay tuned as we s l o w l y let all our cats out of their bags. But, in the meantime, please help us get started in the Wishlist Thread by letting us know what you really want to see at the 9th Anniversary Party!! (Wow! Has it really been almost a decade?!). Feel free to lobby for your favorites and cajole your friends into supporting your wishes. Every post and every hit on the AGREE button will count as a vote. Your votes will give us a great head start on compiling the final list of colors, bases, (and whatever else we may have up our sleeves!) to be included!

So, are you ready?! The month of June is going to be fantastic!!

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