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Amaryllis Collage

You guys! I am having the best time watching the photos of your WIPs and FOs from All Bundled Up pop up in the group!  It delights me to no end to see how you have embraced the patterns from ABU and are making them your own.  So many of you have been really stretching your skills, reaching for things that just a short time ago were not in your knitting repertoire.

Fair Isle is a case in point. Last January, I decided to expand my knitting repertoire and try my hand at stranded knitting. I had always been a little intimated by it (those floats!) but knew I had to jump in with “both hands” so to speak!  At first it felt a little weird and it was slow going. But, I’m glad to say I did it. And now it thrills me no end to see so many of you doing the very same thing! Your Northport’s are amazing! If you are still on the fence about trying out Fair Isle knitting and haven’t quite worked up the courage to start a Northport, may I suggest that you start out and test your skills with Amaryllis. This is the perfect starting point! Amaryllis is worked in a worsted weight yarn and is less than 20 rows of colorwork. That’s totally doable, knits up lightening fast and the results are great! In fact, I love the knit so much that I’m thinking of making a third one in Scholar.

And the color possibilities – they are endless! It’s Friday – are looking for a quick instant gratification weekend project?! Amaryllis is just the ticket! Happy weekend everyone!




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