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All Bundled Up!


It is with the most incredible sense of excitement that I am able to share our surprise with you! It has been a labor of love and a true privilege to work with a very talented group of people (the team!) who have helped me take an idea for a project that would offer approachable knitwear patterns with a touch of whimsy and luxury, and bundle it up into a collection that is fun, engaging, and classic with a twist. After many months of dreaming, designing, knitting, tweaking, photographing (the photo shoot just happened to coincide with the first big snow of the year – how handy was that?!) and then knitting some more…. it’s finally time to share with you All Bundled Up – a Plucky Winter 2015 Collection!


I hope you will find inspiration within the pages of our winter collection. And, once you have decided on your must knit project(s), please join us on the blog this Tuesday morning, January 6th at 9 am Eastern for a ready to ship update that will include many of the bases and colorways featured in All Bundled Up. But, if you don’t find what you need, no worries because we will bring you a full pre-order blog update later in the week, chock-full of ALL the bases and a whole lot of your favorite Plucky colorways both old and new!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement and we truly hope you found something to inspire you and keep you content and warm during the deep winter months ahead.

Sarah & the Plucky Crew

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