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9 Years Already?! The Anniversary Update


Thursday, June 2, at 8:00 PM, EDT
Sunday, June 5, at 8:00 PM, EDT AND
Monday, June 6, at 12:00 Noon, EDT on the Blog!


Nine years?  If I might paraphrase, whoever wrote “Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life” must have had me in mind. From outgrowing my kitchen stove and now in our very own ‘new to us old barn’…. well it’s been a crazy ride is all I can say! We have just finished our second year at the barn, established workable traffic patterns and it finally feels like we are settled in. Now we have the room to add more custom bases, create more colorways, develop Plucky patterns, interact with fabulous designers and warehouse all the fun and funky props that go into the Shindig (Glamping this year!) and traveling marketplaces. Back in the day, we had PODs out in the parking lot and, let me tell you, crawling around, trying to find anything was a real challenge! It goes without saying that if you were looking for those great wire baskets that always travel to shows with us, you can bet your last dollar that they were buried in the very back of a POD!  But, enough history.

June is the month in which we celebrate you!  Without you, these last nine years would not have been filled with such community, creativity, laughing, learning and growth. We have made plans to celebrate your amazing support ALL MONTH LONG!
Those of you who have been on board with us a while, well, you know that we like to go extra festive with an Anniversary update that includes free shippingA N Y W H E R E!!! This is our way of thanking you for your continued support and friendship – to our friends far and wide.


I hope you will flood the Wishlist Thread, in our Ravelry group, with all your special requests. We want to help you find everything you have been waiting for.  And, to make it even more celebratory, we will debut some brand new color ways in the Anniversary Update as well as some of your favorite (and ours) oldies!

Colors available so far:

anniversary additions

Quintessential Plucky, Summer Edition Kits

I have the official word… Quintessential Plucky, Summer Edition Kits are a go! This special 9-skein collection will only be available as an Anniversary special in tonight & tomorrow’s update!

Thank you so much for your love of this collection. It really is special to us and we want to keep it special for you, too! We built the collection to work together, to truly summarize what is Plucky and what sums up summer for us when we think of Plucky colors. This kit may come out to play again but it was meant to be and will remain a special collection for special occasions, and we hope you enjoy playing with it in your projects.

Just to reiterate, they will only be available as a kit and not as individual skeins. We receive so many requests for blanket kits and shawl kits for various patterns that this will be perfect for implementing! Use the kit in its entirety in one large project or in multiple combinations for various projects. Every color was designed to work with any of the others in the collection – you can’t go wrong with this set in your hands!

This Anniversary update will happen over three days on the Plucky Blog and at three time points!  We want to be sure that no matter where you live, you will be able to find a day and time that works for you. So, please join us for a THREE part update on the blog – Thursday, June 2, at 8:00 PM, EDT; Sunday, June 5, at 8:00 PM, EDT; and again on Monday, June 6, at12:00 Noon, EDT!  This update will be a pre-order update, and the list of colors and bases will be HUGE.  We have already begun tracking the wish list thread, listening to your requests and ideas.  Over the next few days, we will incorporate as many of those wishes as we can into the final list.  It has been great fun to read your posts and some of you even took the time to weigh in on some great wishes that were in addition to color and base.  Way to think outside the box. You have been heard!


Golden Tickets?  YES!  They were so much fun last year that it just seemed like a good idea to print more. Lots more! We have fine-tuned the tickets this year and details will be printed directly on the tickets and we’ll post them on our blog and Ravelry as well. We will randomly be packing dozens and dozens (and dozens!) of tickets that will be redeemed for prizes! You might find a ticket for a sweater quantity of yarn, a color kit, a Plucky swag item, a ticket to place an order for Plucky any old time you feel like it (again, full details to be featured on the ticket and at the blog!), and many other prizes. Some of the Golden Ticket prizes will even be included with your anniversary update order! No need to redeem… your prize just magically appears in your shipment.  This year too, they’ll be readily visible and no hunting behind the labels to see if you’ve won – you will know upon opening your shipment!

The full list of colorways (so far) and bases available can be found here and please join us in theUpdate Chatter thread in the Plucky group where we will be chatting away. But, after all these years, there is still one thing that has never changed – our commitment to you, and our commitment to the best possible fibers and colorways, so that your craft can be unique, personal and always classic with a twist. You are a source of inspiration and creativity, and words truly can’t express our appreciation. What an exciting journey this has been and continues to be…. and there’s more to come!


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